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Viola sororia /Freckles Violet (Violet Family)

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This speckled violet can be used as a groundcover in a variety of sun and soil conditions. Leaves lay mostly flush to the ground, with short flowering stems rising a few inches above the leaves. In ideal conditions, plants can become widespread due to self-seeding. Flowers are self pollinated, and do not need insects for pollination. Instead, it has value in being a butterfly host plant, producing a bounty of seeds for small animals, and as a groundcover.
Blooms: YWhite with blue speckles, 6-8 weeks, Apr-May
Leaves: Green, heart shaped leaves remain attractive throughout the growing season
Height: 6-8”
Space: 12-18”
Soil: Average-Moist
Exposure: Part sun-Part shade
Fauna: Seeds are a favorite of many small animals, including ants, host plant to several butterfly species
Deer Resistance:High
Zone: 3-8
Native Status: NC native, common across the state
Provenance:Unknown, seed grown