Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


About Us

Haw Honey is an apiary, meadery, and native plant nursery run by Philip, Mackenzie, and Bug in Saxapahaw, NC. Philip is a NC State agriculture researcher and Mackenzie works full time for Haw Honey. Bug is a lil fluffy boy who provides inspiration and comfort whenever needed. 

We got our start in bees (and farmers markets!) over 10 years ago in Knoxville, TN where Philip managed The University of Tennessee beehives while getting his Master's in Entomology. I (Mackenzie) met Philip as I was starting my Master's in Geology studying terrestrial land snails and began working in apiaries with him. We soon started our own small business, Honey Possum Apiary. 

Several years and a couple of jobs later found us in North Carolina where we soon heard about Saxapahaw. We knew this was the town we wanted to put roots down in. We contacted local farms and made arrangements to set up apiaries all around Saxapahaw--Terrastay, Reverance Farms, and Saxapahaw Village Farm soon had dozens of colorful hives settled on the land. Haw Honey was officially founded here in 2018.

Wanting to connect with the community, I answered a call for volunteers to work in the Saxapahaw pollinator gardens.

I didn't know at the time that I was volunteering with one of the pioneers of native plant propagation in North Carolina. This person changed the course of my life over the years, to the point where I was inspired to start my own native plant nursery in 2021.

Philip and I have deep passion for the all the living things around us, big and small. We want people to connect with their environment, to walk outside and know what plants and insects surround them--to not be afraid of the living creatures that we must co-exist with. We love talking with you about insects, the incredible complex and fascinating lives of honey bees, and the native plants you can use to attract all types of pollinators. 

Haw Honey can be found on most Saturdays, year around at the Eno River Farmers Market in Downtown Hillsborough.