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You can pick up the order at the nursery in Saxapahaw, Eno River Market in Hillsborough, or Saturdays in Saxapahaw. Select "ship" or "shipping" when you go to check out to see the option to pick up at either Farmers' Market.


We focus on growing plants that are native to North Carolina that will fit easily into the local ecology and support a diverse amount of pollinators and other wildlife. We hope to have conversations with you about why choosing native plants is important for having a whole, healthy ecosystem.
The majority of our plants are propagated by seed collected from stock plants or from wild ecotypes. Some plants are propagated asexually through division or cuttings. Because we grow from seed, without a greenhouse, the majority of our inventory is ready for fall planting. Fall planting is the best time of year to plant--temperatures are cooling off and plants are usually done with their above ground growth, leaving them able to focus on establishing roots. Plants need much less water in the fall, making an easier establishment for the plant and the gardener. 
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or plant requests. We would love to hear from you!