Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


All About Our Mead

Haw Honey is a craft honey fermented beverage producer! We take the honey from our hives in Saxapahaw and ferment this golden goodness with local fruits, fruit juices, or other ingredients to produce both natural meads and honey sodas. 

Susan our mead tender at Haw Honey open house in June 2023

Our focus is to produce low alcohol, refreshing and simple, naturally fermented meads.

Three haw honey meads, apple, peach, and muscadine and a jar of honey

Mead has a wide range of possible styles. We produce naturally fermented, low alcohol (4 to 7 percent ABV) and fruit focused melomels. 

Mead is any wine that is fermented with honey and not with processed white sugar. Natural wine is a special category of wine that does not add yeast to the fermentation. 

The wine can be with grapes, any other fruit, or no fruit. Just honey and water mead is called a Traditional style. Mead with any fruit is called Melomel.

Wine, beer, cider, and natural soda are all the product of yeast consuming sugar and converting sugar into alcohol and CO2.  In our case, the sugar the yeast consumes is our raw wildflower honey or sugars from fruit or fruit juice.

 And natural soda, in this case, is just a mead with very little honey and therefore less than 0.5% alcohol. 

Peach Queen, Haw Honey Peach Mead
 Love Every Berry, Haw Honey Mixed Berry Mead
Elderflower Haw Honey Natural Soda
Peach Honey Soda, with Kalawi Farm Peaches Love Every Berry, Mixed Berry Melomel Elderflower Natural Honey Soda


We produce our mead in batches between 50 and 100 gallons each and take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Some meads, like out pyment, are aged for 6 to 12 months. We sell these by the glass or as a growler fill on the tap. 

Apple processing 2023 for cyser

 The mead making process is a labor of love, with lots of help from friends and farmers. The winery is defined as a nano-scale or limited production. We produce less than 2,000 gallons or 1000 cases of wine per year inside of this converted enclosed trailer shown in the apple processing photo above. 

Here is a concept drawing of our future Mead Taproom and Native Plant Nursery!! 
Meadery Concept Drawing for Haw Honey

Located on the Haw River Trail, less than 1 mile from Saxapahaw, next to Terrastay and Saxapahaw Lake Paddle Access!