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Vaccinium darrowii 'Rosa's Blush'/Rosa's Blush Dwarf Blueberry (Heath Family)

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Rosa’s Blush is a small evergreen blueberry, with stunning foliage and small, edible fruit. This dwarf shrub is perfect for smaller gardens, pots, and as an edible groundcover. New growth has a pink-purple tinge which slowly fades to a lovely blue-green. Well drained, acidic soil is necessary for this plant to thrive. Amend soil with sand, pine fines, and/or sulfur to create the ideal substrate. Best fruit set will be in full sun with moist soil, but this shrub can also be sited in part shade to part sun. This blueberry can self pollinate, but will produce more fruit if another blueberry variety is planted nearby.

Blooms: White, 3-4 weeks, Apr-May
Leaves: Blue-green, evergreen leaves are very attractive in all seasons, new growth is pink-purple
Height: 2-3’
Space: 2-3'
Soil: Moist-average, prefers acidic, sandy, and well drained soil
Exposure:  Full sun-Part shade
Fauna: Butterflies, small bees, fruit for birds and other wildlife, winter cover
Seeds:  Dark berries are edible for people and wildlife

Deer Resistance: Low
Zone: 7-10
Native Status: Southeast native
Provenance: Unknown, asexually produced