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Schizachyrium scoparium / Little Bluestem 'The Blues' (Grass Family)

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Little Bluestem is the perfect companion plant to any sunny pollinator garden. The texture and color of the leaves work well with many wildflowers–Butterfly Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, Blazing Stars, and Baptisias. It can also provide much needed support and root competition to help other plants in the garden stay upright and sturdy. Late summer into fall is where this grass really shines as it starts to take on more and more shades of purple, orange and red. Little Bluestem performs best in full sun and lean soil–too much fertilizer or moisture will promote flopping and rotting.
Blooms: White-Red, 4-6 weeks, Aug-Oct
Leaves: Linear, upright, deep blue, green, purple, orange, and red
Space: 1-2
Soil: Avg-dry
Exposure: Full sun-Part sun
Fauna: Skipper host plant, many herbivorous insects feed on foliage, seeds provide food for birds
Seeds: Fluffy clusters of white seed heads gradually turn bronze-to red over winter
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 4-9
Native Status: (Straight species)NC native, common across the state
Provenance: Unknown, asexually produced