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Phemeranthus teretifolius / Appalachian Rock-pink (Purslane Family)

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Rose pink flowers are born atop fleshy stems that rise above the basal foliage. Each individual flower is short-lived, but a mature plant can produce over 100 flowers. You can find this succulent-like plant growing wild in rocky and sandy soil in full sun. It's a perfect plant for the rock garden, or in particularly rocky soils. Each flower is packed full of pollen and is a favorite of small bees.
Pink, 3-4 weeks, Aug-Sept
Leaves: Fleshy, 1-2” blue-green succulent-like leaves
Height: 3-8”
Space: 8-12”
Soil: Average, dry, rocky, lean
Exposure: Full sun-Part sun
Fauna: Bees, flies, butterflies, moths
Deer Resistance: High

Zone: 5-9
Native Status: NC native, common in the Piedmont and Mountains
Unknown, seed grown