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Muhlenbergia capillaris 'White Cloud' / White Cloud Muhly Grass (Grass Family)

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This is a large, clump-forming, warm season grass that is known for producing cloud-like flowers that add a lot of drama to the fall and winter landscape. It differs from the straight species by having creamy white blooms that bloom slightly later. It looks great interplanted among tall perennials or in large sweeps. It thrives in poor, rocky soil in full sunlight. This is a no fuss plant that can be left alone all year, or you can give it a light hair-cut in late winter depending on your preferences. I have found that plants look better without the dramatic cut back that most grasses need.
Blooms: White, 6+weeks, Sept-Oct
Leaves: Fine textured, blue green leaves are mostly upright with some gently arching, semi-evergreen
Height: 3-4’
Space: 2-3’
Soil: Average, dry, does well in tough situations
Exposure: Full sun-Part sun
Fauna: Many insects feed on foliage, seeds for small animals, butterfly host plant
Seeds: After flowering, tan, plume-like seed heads remain attractive through the winter

Deer Resistance: High

Zone: 6-10
Native Status: (parent species) NC native, common in the sandhills, uncommon in the Piedmont, rare in the mountains
Unknown, asexually propagated