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Heuchera villosa var. macrorrhiza / Hairy Alumroot (Saxifraga Family)

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A handsome, velvety soft plant that is pleasing to touch and provides dramatic texture to the woodland garden. This variation of the species produces extra large palmate leaves, larger, fuller flowers, and has a later flowering time in early fall. Flowering wands produce tiny flowers over a long period of time for small bees and flies. Evergreen basal foliage takes on hues of purples and red during winter. The foliage tends to be fairly deer resistant, but the flowers may get nibbled on. Prefers part shade in rich humusy soils–can also be sited in rocky soils or rock gardens that don’t dry out.
Blooms: White, pink, green, 4-6 weeks, Jul-Oct
Leaves: Green, purple, red, lobed, 6+”, mounding, evergreen basal foliage
Height: 1-3’ Space: 1-2’
Soil: Moist, Average, Occasionally dry
Exposure: Light shade-part shade
Fauna: Bumblebees, small bees, flies
Seeds: Numerous seeds are born on the wand-like flowering stalk
Deer Resistance: Moderate
Zone: 4-9
Native Status: NC Native, common in the Piedmont & Mountains
Provenance: Unknown, seed grown