Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Cream Gentian (Gentiana alba)
    Gentian Family
    These are stop and stare kind of flowers. Creamy white blooms with prominent green veining are large and clustered tightly above whorled, glossy green leaves. The flowers themselves are barely open at the top. Bumblebees are the main pollinator, because only they are strong enough to open the flowers manually. Only plant in full sun if soil is moist or if you are in a cooler climate. Prefers morning to mid-day sun here in the Piedmont. Try planting with Blue Mist Flower, Little Bluestem, Blue-eyed Grass, or Virginia Spiderwort.
    Blooms: Cream, green, 4-6 weeks, Aug-Sept.
    Leaves: Stiff, glossy leaves are oppositely arranged up the stem and become whorled under the flowering heads
    Height: 1-3’
    Space: 18-24”
    Soil: Average-Moist
    Exposure: Part sun-Full sun
    Fauna:  Bumblebees are the main pollinator, some beetles
    Seeds: Capsules are filled with numerous papery, brown seeds that are wind dispersed
    Deer Resistance:Medium
    Zone: 3-7
    Native Status: NC native, rare in the Mountains
    Provenance: Unknown, seed grown