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Deschampsia flexuosa / Wavy Hair Grass (Grass Family)

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Try this evergreen grass as a ground cover in dry shade. The texture of this grass is particularly special–the leaves are very fine textured and the flowers are extra-billowy. Clouds of silvery, sometimes purple looking flowers top the plant in late spring. Plant in groups or mass to really show off the blooms. This grass will not tolerate much sun in our hot summers–a few hours of morning sun is acceptable, but try to keep it out of the afternoon sun.
Blooms: Purple, silver, yellow, 4-6 weeks, May-June
Leaves: Fine textured, arching, evergreen
Height: 1
Space: 12-18”
Soil: Average-Dry
Exposure: Part Shade-Shade
Fauna: Seed for birds, habit for critters
Seeds: Turn golden brown in the fall, very billowy

Deer Resistance: High

Zone: 3-8
Native: NC native, common in the Mountains, uncommon in the Piedmont
Provenance: Unknown, seed grown