Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    American Dittany (Cunila origanoides)
    Mint Family

    American Dittany is a much underused herbaceous perennial. Its short stature, tolerance of poor soils, and ability to thrive in sun or shade make it an excellent candidate for a living mulch or part of a lawn replacement. Small, but numerous purple flowers appear in late summer and continue into fall, adding nice color to the fall landscape. The entire plant is highly fragrant and can be used as a tea. Spreads at a moderate rate through rhizomes.

    Blooms: Purple, 4-6 weeks, July-Sep
    Leaves: Small, very fragrant
    Height: 8-16”
    Space: 12-18”
    Soil: Average-Dry, tolerates poor sandy soil
    Exposure:  Part sun-Part shade
    Fauna: Flies, small bees
    Seeds: Each flower produces 4 small nutlets
    Deer Resistance: High
    Zone: 5-8
    Native Status: NC native, common in the Piedmont, rare in the Sandhills and Mountains
    Provenance: Unknown, seed grown