Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Dimpled Trout Lily (Erythronium umbilicatum)
    Lily Family

    Trout lilies are a true spring ephemeral. Their elaborately speckled leaves begin to emerge in February, followed shortly after by nodding, yellow flowers. By late spring or early summer, they will go completely dormant. The variation in leaf colors is as varied as individual snowflakes, and it is a true joy to witness. These woodland plants need rich, humusy, moist soil. Plants will form small colonies over time by corm offshoots and seed. Only plants with 2 leaves will flower–this can often take 7 years from seed.  They are not known to have much pollinator value, but are thought to provide an important role in erosion control and water uptake when few other plants are actively growing.

    Blooms: Yellow, 1-2 weeks, February-March
    Leaves: Mottled green & purple leaves die back by late spring
    Height: 6”
    Space: 6-12”
    Soil: Average-Moist, organic soil with lots of leaf litter
    Exposure: Shade-Part shade
    Fauna: Mostly bees
    Seeds: Ant distributed, can take 5-7 years from seed to flower
    Deer Resistance: High
    Zone: 4-9
    Native Status: NC native, common in the Piedmont and Mountains, uncommon in the Sandhills
    Provenance: North Carolina ecotype, seed and asexually grown