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Stokesia laevis / Stokes Aster (Aster Family)

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Baseball-sized frilly blue flowers make a wide landing pad for butterflies. Flowers are born atop 1’ stems rising from a dense, evergreen basal rosette. Stokes aster is a very hardy, no-nonsense wildflower that makes it an easy choice for the sunny perennial garden. It won’t tolerate wet-feet, but otherwise, is adaptable to some of the toughest soils. Seed heads are very attractive –leave up and you will have spring seedlings and feed the birds!.
Blooms: Lavender-blue, 3-4 weeks, May-June
Leaves: Deep green, 3-6”, lanceolate, smooth, evergreen basal rosette
Height: 1-2’
Space: 2-3’
Soil: Average-dry
Exposure: Full sun to Part Sun
Fauna: Bees, butterflies, seeds for birds
Seeds: Attractive  papery bracts surround numerous ¼” brown, angled nutlets
Deer Resistance: Moderate
Zone: 5-9
Native Status: Southeast native, questionable NC native status
Provenance: Unknown, seed grown