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Asclepias tuberosa / Butterfly Milkweed (Dogbane Family)

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This is one of the most garden-friendly milkweeds due to its mild nature. While it roots deep, it does not take over the garden like other milkweeds. It can take several years for a plant to really reach its full potential, but once it does, they are stunners. Vivid orange flowers bloom over several months, especially if you cut spent blooms.The deep, tuberous root makes these plants extremely drought tolerant, but very difficult to transplant, so make sure you site the plant appropriately the first time. They prefer well-drained soil in full sun and can be a little fussy about being too wet over winter. Add sand or gravel to heavy clay soil if you think moisture may be a problem. Plant in groups to attract more Monarchs!
Blooms: Orange, 6-8 weeks, May-August
Leaves: Lance-shaped, 6” alternate, simple
Space: 1-2’
Soil: Average-dry, tolerates poor soil
Exposure:  Full sun
Fauna: Bumblebees, butterflies, beetles, host to Monarch butterfly
Seeds: 4-5” narrow pod filled with seeds attached to silky hairs
Deer Resistance: High
Zone :3-9
Native Status: NC Native, common throughout the state
Provenance: North Carolina Ecotype, seed grown