Haw Honey

Rudbeckia maxima / Cabbage Leaf Coneflower (Aster Familiy)

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A very dramatic plant in all parts and seasons. Six foot tall, sturdy, stalks rise up from evergreen, blue-green, waxy basal leaves that can reach 2’ in length. Yellow, drooping petals surround an elongated brown cone that can be from 2-6’' tall. Goldfinches love to sit and sway on the tall stems and pick the seeds out once ripe. Not picky about soil type and very drought tolerant once established. It will spread slowly through rhizomes and self-seeds lightly. Not an overly-aggressive species.
Blooms: Yellow, 3-4 weeks, May-June
Leaves: Blue-green, cabbage shaped, up to 2’ long, evergreen basal foliage
Height: 5-6’ 
Space: 2-3’
Soil: Average, dry, tolerates most soil types 
Exposure: Full sun  
Fauna: Bees and butterflies, seeds for birds
Seeds: 2-6” elongated seed head full of brown seeds
Deer Resistance: Medium
Zone: 5-9
Native Status: Central US
Provenance: Unknown, seed grown