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Monarda punctata / Spotted Beebalm (Mint Family)

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This beebalm has a unique flowering structure–stacked brown spotted yellow flowers surrounded by long pinkish bracts. The bracts will remain attractive long after the flowers have faded. This monarda is a particular favorite of wasps, making it a great wildflower to add if you would like to attract more beneficial, predatory wasps to your garden. Naturally found in sandy and/or rocky soils, this wildflower can grow in poor, shallow soils. This is not considered to be an aggressive spreader like other members of the mint family..
Blooms: Pink, yellow, green, 4-6 weeks, July-Sep
Leaves: Green, 1-3”, lanceolate, dentate, fragrant, evergreen basal leaves
Height: 2-3’
Space: 2-3’
Soil: Avg-Dry
Exposure: Full sun to Part Sun
Fauna: Wasps, host to 2 moth species, small bees and beetles
Seeds: Nutlets surrounded by papery bracts
Deer Resistance: High
Native Status: NC native, uncommon across the state
Provenance:  Unknown, seed grown