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Sedum ternatum / Wild Stonecrop (Stonecrop Family)

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Not your typical sedum, this species is particularly tolerant of shade and moist soils, but will also grow well in typical sedum habitats of drier sun. Plants are quite diminutive and make great evergreen ground covers. Try this adaptable plant in rock gardens, fairy gardens, containers, in between stepping stones, and terrariums. Tiny white flowers appear in very early spring and contrast beautifully with the plump, green leaves.
Blooms: White, 3-4 weeks, March-May
Leaves: Light green, whorled, nearly round, evergreen
Space: 6-12”
Soil: Rocky, loamy, moist-dry
Exposure: Part sun-Part shade
Fauna: Small bees, some flies and wasps
Seeds: Very tiny seeds distributed by wind
Zone: 4-9

Deer Resistance: High
Native Status: NC Native, common in the Piedmont and Mountains, uncommon in the Sandhills
Provenance: East Tennessee Ecotype, asexually propagated