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Actaea racemosa / Black Cohosh (Buttercup Family)

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A tall woodland plant that is more graceful than overbearing, Black Cohosh adds structure and beauty to the shade garden. Wands of cream-colored flowers rise up from dense, attractive foliage that is almost like a mini understory. Seed pods develop up the stem, which when dry will give a pleasant rattle in the wind. Rich soil that never dries out in part sun is the ideal habitat, but they can be planted in more or less sun. More sun generally produces better flowering, but soil must remain moist.
Blooms: White, 2-3 weeks May-July
Leaves: Compound, large, showy
Height: 4-7’
Space: 2-4’
Soil: Average to moist, rich woodland soil
Exposure: Part sun-Dappeled sun
Fauna: Only host plant for the Appalachian Azure butterfly, pollinated by flies, gnats, beetles, & bumblebees 
Seeds: ⅓” round seed pods will develop up the flowering stalk–make a rattling sound when dry

Deer Resistance: Moderate

Zone: 3-9
Native Status: NC Native, common in the Piedmont and Mountains, uncommon in the Sandhills
NC east TN, seed and asexually produced