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Liatris aspera / Button Blazing Star (Aster Family)

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Large, showy, button-like flowers make perfect landing pads for all the butterflies that will flock to this blazing star. Like all blazing stars, blooming starts from the top down, making for an extended bloom time and plenty of nectar for all of the long-tongued pollinators. This blazing star blooms later than most others and can help extend the purple fireworks show in your garden. Plant in lean, average to dry soil and do not fertilize–rich garden soil will promote flopping. Plant among other tall plants if possible to provide support and competition.
Blooms: Purple, 2-3 weeks, Aug-Sept
Leaves: Green-gray, lanceolate, 12” long, whirling up the stem
Height: 2-5’ 
Space: 1-2’
Soil: Average-dry
Exposure:  Full sun
Fauna: Butterflies, moths, skippers, long tongue bees
Seeds: Tall flowering stalk turns into an attractive tan color as seeds ripen
Deer Resistance: Low
Zone: 3-9
Native Status: NC Native, uncommon in the Piedmont and Mountains
Provenance: Unknown, seed grown