Haw Honey

Penstemon digitalis / Foxglove Beardtongue (Plantain Family)

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1” white, tubular flowers have light purple lines on the inner tube acting as a guide for bees. Smaller bees will work their way inside the flowers to enjoy a nectar reward while having pollen deposited on them through their rummaging. Although not a long bloomer, dark green basal rosettes tinged with red make for an attractive ground cover all year long. Golden brown seed capsules sitting atop sturdy stems remain attractive through the fall and winter.
Blooms: White, 3-4 weeks, May-June
Leaves: Deep green, crimson, 2-6”, broadly lanceolate, serrate, smooth, evergreen basal rosette
Height: 2-3’
Space: 1-3’
Soil: Average
Exposure: Full sun to Part Sun
Fauna: Small and medium sized bees
Seeds: Dark brown, oval capsules contain numerous tiny brown seeds
Deer Resistance: Medium
Zone: 3-8
Native Status: Southeast Native, NC native status questionable
Provenance:  Unknown, seed grown