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Lobelia cardinalis / Cardinal Flower (Bellflower Family)

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Brilliant, velvety red blooms draw hummingbirds and other nectar lovers over several weeks. Flowering starts at the bottom of the stalk and works its way upward over 3-4 weeks. In our hot climate Cardinal flower will grow best with morning to midday sun and afternoon shade. Only plant in full sun if it has constant moisture. Cardinal flower is a short lived perennial, but letting it go to seed will ensure plants for the future. Try sprinkling some seeds in a sandy or gravelly area if you have it.
Blooms: Red, 3-4 weeks, July-Oct
Leaves: Dark green, crimson, 2-7”, lanceolate, simple, serrated, evergreen basal rosette
Height: 2-5’
Space: 1-2’
Soil: Average-Moist
Exposure: Full sun to Part shade
Fauna: Hummingbirds, long-tongue bees, swallowtail butterflies
Seeds: Brown seed capsules contain numerous tiny brown seeds
Deer Resistance: Medium
Zone: 3-9
Native Status: NC native, common across the state
Provenance: North Carolina ecotype, seed grown