Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Virginia Meadow Beauty (Rhexia virginica)
    Melastome Family

    Virginia Meadow Beauty is a much underused wildflower in the home garden. Its bright pink flowers with extra long yellow anthers are a favorite of bumblebees. Watching the bumblebees work the large anthers is the perfect example of “buzz pollination”. Crimson red, urn shaped seed heads replace the flowers, giving the Meadow Beauty fall and winter interest. This plant is found naturally in moist to wet, sandy or peaty seeps and meadows. It will grow best in the garden in moist soils with lots of sun–acidic soil is not necessary in the garden. Its short stature makes it a front of garden plant. It can spread rapidly through rhizomes, but does not overwhelm other plants. Try planting with Great Blue Lobelia, Virginia Iris, White Turtlehead, Swamp Milkweed, or Dense Blazingstar.

    Blooms: Pink, 4-5 weeks, June-July
    Leaves: Light green with purple tinge, opposite, simple leaves
    Space: 1-2’
    Soil: Average-Moist-Wet
    Exposure:  Full sun-Part sun-Part shade
    Fauna: Bumblebees, host to 1 moth species
    Seeds: Urn shaped seed heads turn bright red before turning brown
    Deer Resistance: Low
    Zone: 4-9
    Native Status: NC Native, common in the Sandhills and Mountains, uncommon in the Piedmont
    Provenance: North Carolina ecotype, seed grown