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Iris virginica / Southern Blue Flag Iris (Iris Family)

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This is not the bearded iris that is common in most home gardens. One of the biggest differences is, this iris likes consistently moist and even wet conditions to stay healthy and happy. It can even tolerate living in standing water over winter. Anything less and you may see disease, significant flopping, and even failure to establish. Sited correctly, you will enjoy delicate blue-violet flowers that spread slowly through rhizomes.
Blooms: Blue-violet, 2-4 weeks, Apr-May
Leaves: Green, upright, linear, 1” wide
Height: 1-2’
Space: 1-3’
Soil: Moist-Wet
Exposure: Full sun to Part Sun
Fauna: Bees, flies, other small insects
Seeds: 2” angled, oblong capsules hold several stacked seeds
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 5-9
Native Status: NC native, uncommon in the Piedmont, common in the Sandhills
Provenance: North Carolina ecotype, seed and asexually propagated