Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Button Bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)
    Madder Family

    Button Bush has one of the most unique flowers of all our native shrubs. Perfectly spherical, creamy white flowers are full of nectar and are a favorite of butterflies. This shrub can often take several years to mature and flower, but it is well worth the wait. Naturally found on streambanks in part sun, Button Bush needs moist to wet, periodically flooded soil to really thrive. Plants will live and grow in average moisture soil, but maturation will take even longer, and flower production will typically be lower. Most specimens stay on the shorter side of the height range, and can be pruned if needed.

    Blooms: White, 4-6 weeks, July-August
    Leaves: Bright green, glossy, 4-6”, oblong, simple
    Space: 4-5’
    Soil: Average-Wet
    Exposure: Full sun-Part Sun-Part Shade 
    Fauna: High pollinator value--Butterflies, most bees, wasps, flies, moth host plant, seeds for birds
    Seeds: 1” round seed head turns red, then brown–made up of angular, hard seeds
    Deer Resistance: Moderate
    Zone: 5-9
    Native Status: NC native, common across the state
    Provenance: North Carolina ecotype, seed grown