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Aquilegia canadensis / Eastern Columbine

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Lantern shaped flowers have light yellow insides and pale red outsides that hang delicately on top of flowering stalks and are a favorite of hummingbirds. Blue, green, and purple, lobed foliage is dense and  makes an attractive ground cover most of the year. If it starts to look scraggly in the summer, cut it to the ground, and it will soon come back looking fresh. Preference is for part shade, but it can tolerate a wide range of conditions–in full sun, it will be less attractive in the summer. Columbine can be somewhat short lived, but as long as you let plants go to seed, you will have columbine popping up all around.
Blooms: Red, yellow, 3-4 weeks Mar-May
Leaves: Blue-green, compound, lobed, semi-evergreen
Height: 1-3’
Space: 1-2’
Soil: Moist-average
Exposure: Full sun, shade
Fauna: Hummingbirds, hawk moths and bumblebees, host to the Columbine Duskywing butterfly, leafminers 
Seeds: Attractive star-like, ¾” pods turn from green to brown, contain several shiny black seeds
Deer Resistance: Moderate
Zone: 3-9
Native Status: NC native, common in the Piedmont and Mountains, uncommon in the Sandhills
Provenance: North Carolina Ecotype, Seed grown