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Anemone canadense / Canada Anemone (Buttercup Family)

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Fast growing, full sun, native ground covers are hard to find, but Canada anemone is one of them. While not found in NC, it can be found just north in VA & beyond. Deeply lobed basal leaves rise just 6” off the ground. Solitary flowering stalks produce 1” flowers which consist of 5 white, petal like sepals surrounding the yellow stamens and anthers. Spreading by rhizomes, it can form a dense mat in ideal conditions. Make sure you site this plant accordingly, as it can easily overrun other plants. Dry, shadier conditions temper its spreading significantly.
Blooms: White, 4-6 weeks May-June
Leaves: Bright green, deeply dissected, simple
Height: 1’
Space: 1-2’
Soil: Average-wet
Exposure:  Full Sun, part shade
Fauna: Small bees and flower flies collect pollen, host plant for 2 moth species
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 2-9
Seeds: ¼” spiky, egg-shaped capsules singly perched atop a flowering stalk
Native Status: Northeast native 
Provenance: Unknown, asexually produced