Haw Honey

Thermopsis villosa / Carolina Bush Pea (Legume Family)

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Foot long spikes of deep yellow flowers bloom in late spring and are followed by numerous brown, fuzzy, bean-like seed pods. Bushy, trifoliate leaves are a deep blue-green and provide great texture for the garden. This is a great accent plant–one is usually enough due to its large size and dramatic showing. Deep tap roots make it highly drought resistant, but also resistant to transplanting, so site it well the first time. Will grow in a wide range of soil types. Prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade. Too much shade will promote leaning and flopping.
Blooms: Yellow, 3-4 weeks, May-June
Leaves: Blue-green, 2-3”, trifoliate
Height: 4-5’ 
Space: 3’
Soil: Average-moist
Exposure: Full sun- Part sun
Fauna: Mostly bees, butterfly host plant
Seeds: 1-2”, thin, hairy, pea like pods have small hard seeds inside
Deer Resistance: Moderate
Zone: 4-9
Native Status: NC Native, uncommon in Mountains
Provenance: unknown, seed grown