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Stylophorum diphyllum / Celandine Poppy (Poppy Family)

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Bright yellow, papery flowers emerge from fuzzy blue-green leaves in early spring. Although this is a classic woodland plant, it is more tolerant of average solis than some of its friends. If it becomes too dry, leaves will disappear, otherwise they may remain up through late summer into early fall. Leaves add nice texture to the woodland garden and can be planted companionably with ferns, Virginia Bluebells, sedges, Great White Trillium, and Woodland Phlox. 
Blooms: Yellow, 3-4 weeks, April-May
Leaves:Blue-green, very hairy, deeply lobed, silvery underside
Space: 12-18”
 Average-Moist, somewhat rich 
Exposure: Part shade-Shade
Fauna: Flower are mostly bee pollinated & seeds have a protein packet for ants
Seeds: Oval, prickly looking capsule about 1” long full of fleshy seeds with an elaisome
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 4-8
Native Status: Native to Ohio River Valley
Provenance: Unknown, seed grown