Haw Honey

Caulophyllum thalictroides / Blue Cohosh (Barberry Family)

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A classic understory plant that emerges in early spring. Foliage can have a blue-green like color and has an airy look to it. Yellow to brownish-purple flowers are small and not very showy. The fruit is arguably the most attractive part of the plant. Numerous bright blue, large fruits are produced in late summer and persist until they are eaten by forest critters or drop off in late fall. Preference is for moist, rich soil in part shade or dappled sun. These are very slow to reproduce by seed, but will spread by rhizomes to form small colonies if happy.
Blooms: Yellow, 2-3 weeks, Apr-May
Leaves: Blue-green, compound, palmate leaves
Height:1-3’ Space: 12-18”
Soil: Moist, rich, loamy, woodland soil
Exposure: Part shade-Dappled sun
Fauna: Various pollinators visit for pollen & nectar, fruit for birds and mammals
Seeds: Attractive, large, blue fruit last into fall
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 3-8
Native Status: NC native, common in Mountains, rare in Piedmont 
Provenance: NC & TN ecotype, seed and asexually grown