Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Clustered Poppy Mallow (Callirhoe triangulata)
    Mallow Family

    Satiny, magenta purple flowers pop in any garden setting. This species of poppy mallow is known for being more upright and sturdy than other species that tend to sprawl. The trade off is a shorter bloom time. Deep tap roots make this plant very drought tolerant and very difficult to move once established. Place in the front border or at the base of taller plants or shrubs like American Beautyberry. Baptisias, Goldenrods, or Switchgrass.

    Blooms: Magenta, 4-6 weeks, July-Aug
    Leaves: Triangle shaped, densely hairy
    Height: 1-3’
    Space: 2-3’
    Soil: Average-Dry
    Exposure:  Full sun
    Fauna: Mostly, bees collecting pollen
    Seeds: Hard, kidney shaped seeds are tucked neatly together in a ring
    Deer Resistance: Medium
    Zone: 4-9
    Native Status: NC native, rare in the Piedmont and Sandhills
    Provenance: Unknown, seed grown