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Asarum arifolium / Heartleaf Ginger (Birthwort Family)

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Heartleaf Ginger has large, arrowhead shaped leaves with bold, silvery mottling. This evergreen plant will form a small colony over time and can be used as a groundcover for small gardens. The brownish-green, cup-like flowers lie close and give the plant its other common name, ‘Little Brown Jug’. Not as fussy about soil as some other woodland natives, and can be planted in fairly average soil. It does need 2+ hours of sun to really thrive.
Blooms:  Brownish-green, 3-4 weeks, Mar-Apr.
Leaves: 5”, mottled, arrowhead shaped leaves, evergreen
Height: 6-12"
Space: 12-18"
Soil: Average-moist, somewhat rich
Exposure: Part shade -Dappled sun
Fauna: Ants, other small insects
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 5-9
Native Status: NC Native, common in the Piedmont and Sandhills, uncommon in the Mountains
 NC seed and asexually produced