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Aruncus dioicus / Goats Beard (Rose Family)

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Goat's Beard is a showy, almost shrub-like wildflower that makes a dramatic addition to the shade garden. Its large, dense foliage make a great backdrop for smaller woodland plants like ferns, Foamflower, Jacob’s ladder, and Indian Pink. It can also work well around rain gardens and other occasionally wet places. There are separate male and female plants–male plants have showier flowers, but female plants will look just as nice. You’ll see lots of small bees, flies, and butterflies on this nectar rich plant. It can tolerate a range of sunlight conditions, but can tend to burn in the afternoon southern sun.
Blooms: Cream, 3-4 weeks, May-June
Leaves: Bright green, compound, large and bushy
Height: 3-6'
Space: 2-3’
Soil: Moist, rich woodland soil
Exposure: Part sun-Light shade
Fauna: Butterflies, bees, birds, host plant to the Dusky Azure Butterfly
Seeds: Plants are dioecious, seed heads are large and showy, seeds are very small

Deer Resistance: High

Zone: 3-8
Native Status: NC native, common in the Mountains, uncommon in the Piedmont
Unknown, asexually and seed grown