Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Downy Lobelia (Lobelia puberula)
    Bellflower Family
    Downy Lobelia is the most common Lobelia species found in the southeast, but remains somewhat unknown in the horticultural trade. This species is more delicate and unobtrusive than its showier cousin, Great Blue Lobelia, but still deserves a place in the garden. It is not very fussy about sun and moisture requirements, and will grow just about anywhere. It flowers a few weeks later than Great Blue Lobelia, so having both could greatly extend your blue lobelia season. Leaves can turn a beatiful crimson color in the cooler months, and evergreen basal leaves are a deep green. Pair with some of the later blooming yellow asters like Maryland Golden Aster and Goldenrods. Like most Lobelias, this species is considered short-lived, but produces thousands of seeds that will live on.
    Blooms: Blue, 4-6 weeks, Aug-Oct
    Leaves: Leaves are covered with soft, downy hairs, evergreen basal leaves are a deep green
    Height: 2-3’
    Space: 1-2’
    Soil: Average-Moist-Dry
    Exposure:  Full sun-Part sun-Part shade
    Fauna: Hummingbirds, bees, butterflies & moths
    Seeds: Thousands of tiny brown seeds are held in round seed heads held close to the stem
    Deer Resistance: Medium
    Zone: 4-9
    Native Status: NC native, common across the state
    Provenance: NC, Seed grown