Saxapahaw, NC

The Flower of Carolina


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    Florida Doghobble (Agarista populifolia)
    Heath Family
    Florida Doghobble makes a great hedge plant with its arching stems arranged with alternate ranks of glossy evergreen leaves. New growth emerges as a light red color, slowly changing to green. White, bell-shaped flowers hang underneath branches waiting to be found by long tongue pollinators. Stems will sucker over time, but can be easily pulled if undesirable. Height can also be tamed by heaving pruning. Flowering occurs in previous years growth, so prune after flowering. Prefers moist to wet soil with and shadier conditions. The more sun, the more moisture it will need.
    Blooms: White, 3-4 weeks, Apr-May
    Leaves: Dark glossy green, new growth is red, simple, lanceolate, 1-3”, evergreen
    Height: 8-12’
    Space: 6-8’
    Soil: Average-Moist-Wet
    Exposure:  Part shade-Shade
    Fauna: Bees, butterflies, evergreen cover for winter animals
    Deer Resistance: High
    Zones: 7-9
    Native Status: NC Native, rare in the Coastal Plain
    Provenance: NC, seed grown