Saxapahaw, NC

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    SALE  Eastern Star Sedge (Carex radiata)
    Sedge Family
    This is a great moisture loving sedge to plant in small groups or in mass at woodlands edge, around shady rain gardens, or other settings with part sun. It has some drought tolerance once established, but should be planted where it receives runoff from rain events or naturally moist areas. The foliage stays mostly evergreen here in the south, but may die back some with colder winters. Spring brings on new, dark green growth which stands up to around 1’ tall, followed by very attractive flowering stalks with seeds that resemble small stars. After flowering, the seed heads weigh the plant down, and the overall shape of the plant turns into gently arching mounds. 
    Blooms: Yellow, 3-4 weeks, May-June
    Leaves: Dark green, slender, graceful, arching
    Height: 6-12” Space: 12-18”
    Soil: Moist to average (should never fully dry out)
    Exposure: Part shade-Dappled sun
    Fauna: Birds feed on seeds, dense, evergreen foliage provides habitat, insects feed on foliage
    Deer Resistance: High
    Zone: 4-9
    Seeds: Seed heads turn from yellow to golden brown and gradually arch down on the plant 
    Native Status: NC native, common in the Piedmont/ Mountains, uncommon in Coastal Plain
    Provenance: Provenance unknown, seed grown