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Eryngium aquaticum / Marsh Rattlesnake Master (Umbel Family)

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The moisture tolerant cousin to the more well known Rattlesnake Master, this species can tolerate quite a bit of water, but is also surprisingly drought tolerant once established. The other main difference is the foliage. Dark green, strappy leaves adorn this plant instead of the yucca-like leaves of the other species. The thistle-like silver-blue flowers draw all the pollinators you could hope for, but particularly an excellent assortment of wasps. If you’ve found it difficult to fit Rattlesnake Master (E.yuccifolium) into your garden because of space or texture, give this one a try instead! 
Blooms: Silver-Blue, 4-6 weeks, July-Sept
Leaves: 10-12”, glossy green, elliptical, evergreen basal foliage
Height: 2-4’
Space: 1-2’
Soil: Average-wet
Exposure: Full sun
Fauna: Numerous pollinators of all types
Seeds: 1” spiky, round seed heads remain attractive through the winter
Deer Resistance: High
Zone: 6-8
Native Status: NC Native, uncommon in the Coastal Plain
Provenance: unknown, seed grown