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The Flower of Carolina


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    Common Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
    Aster Family

    Yarrow is a high value pollinator plant with a long bloom time. Each flowering head is made up of dozens of small flowers that provide  abundant nectar and pollen for a variety of pollinators.This particular strain has a strong, almost ombre-like, pale pink and white color palette. Foliage is very attractive and provides excellent texture and color contrast in the garden. Fern-like leaves will take on purple and bronze tones over winter. Yarrow can become aggressive if planted in overly fertile soil in full sun, and are not recommended for smaller gardens. Can be grown successfully in pots. There is much debate on the native status of this plant, with some sources saying it is a naturalized plant from Europe and others saying that it has one of the broadest natural ranges of almost any plant. Because of its high pollinator value, and ability to be a host plant, it is considered a worthy garden addition regardless of its murky status.

    *Likely a cultivar

    Blooms: White/Pink, 6-8 weeks, June-Sept
    Leaves: Gray-blue, fern-like, evergreen, red tones in winter
    Height: 1-3’
    Space: 18-24”
    Soil: Average-Dry-Moist
    Exposure:  Full sun-Part sun-Part shade
    Fauna: High pollinator value, most pollinating insects, several insects feed on foliage, multiple moth host plant
    Seeds: Spent flowers turn a reddish-brown and are filled with hundreds of small seeds
    Deer Resistance: High
    Zone: 3-9
    Native Status: Questionable NC native status
    Provenance: Unknown, asexually reproduced